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Aquatics: Golden China conquer FINA Diving World Cup in Shanghai

Gold medallist Jian Yang (centre), teammate Qiu Bo (left) and Mexico’s Ivan Garcia enjoy themselves at the men’s 10m-platform medal ceremony in Shanghai. Photo: AFP.

Gold medallist Jian Yang (centre), Chinese teammate Qiu Bo and Mexico’s Ivan Garcia enjoy themselves during the 10m-platform medal ceremony at the Diving World Cup in Shanghai. Photo: AFP.

July 21, 2014: China completed an impressive six days at the 19th FINA Diving World Cup on Sunday, eventually claiming gold and silver in all four individual events at Shanghai’s Oriental Sports Centre and pocketing all nine titles on offer.


The hosts collected 13 awards, while other nations to claim medals included Canada (three), Australia, Germany, Russia (all two), Malaysia, Great Britain, Mexico, Ukraine and USA (one each).


In the men’s events, reigning world champion He Chong captured the gold in the 3m springboard ahead of teammate Cao Yuan, with Great Britain’s Jack Laugher third.


In the 10m platform final, youngster Jian Yang edged established star Qiu Bo to finish first, while Mexico’s Ivan Garcia completed the podium.


In the men’s synchro events, Cao and Lin Yue scooped the two golds at stake. On the lower board, German duo Patrick Hausding and Stefan Feck secured silver, finishing 0.06 ahead of 2012 Olympic silver medallists Evgenii Kuznetsov and Ilia Zakharov of Russia.


In the platform, current world champions Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein picked up silver while Americans David Boudia and Steele Johnson claimed third.


Huang Xiaohui on her way to winning the women’s 10m platform at Oriental Sports Centre.

Huang Xiaohui on her way to winning the women’s 10m platform at Oriental Sports Centre.

In the women’s, 22-year-old Shi Tingmao won the 3m springboard and Huang Xiaohui grabbed gold in the 10m platform. He Zi, last year’s world champion, took second in the 3m, while Canada’s Jennifer Abel earned bronze. Liu Huixia won silver in the 10m as Australia’s Melissa Wu claimed bronze.


In synchro action, Shi paired with Shanghai native Wu Minxia, extending China’s gold sweep with a clean win in the 3m. Canadians Jennifer Abel and Pamela Ware took silver, while Australia’s Maddison Keeney and Anabelle Smith completed the podium.


In the 10m, world champions Chen Ruolin and Liu Huixia captured the gold, while Malaysia achieved their best result at the World Cup with silver for Mun Yee Leong and Jun Hoong Cheong. Canada claimed their third medal in Shanghai with long-time pair Roseline Filion and Meaghan Benfeito, the 2013 world silver medallists, bagging bronze.


FINA Diving World Cup 2014, Oriental Sports Centre, Shanghai, China

Men’s 3m springboard: 1. He Chong (CHN) 540.35; 2. Cao Yuan (CHN) 526.70; 3. Jack Laugher (GBR) 488.20

Men’s 10m platform: 1. Jian Yang (CHN) 543.85; 2. Qiu Bo (CHN) 528.50; 3. Ivan Garcia (MEX) 504.90

Men’s 3m springboard synchro: 1. Lin Yue/Cao Yuan (CHN) 461.31; 2. Stephan Feck/Patrick Hausding (GER) 431.40; 3. Evgenii Kuznetsov/Ilia Zakharov (RUS) 431.34

Men’s 10m platform synchro: 1. Cao Yuan/Lin Yue (CHN) 494.46; 2. Sascha Klein/Patrick Hausding (GER) 444.78; 3. David Boudia/Steele Johnson (USA) 414.12

Women’s 3m springboard: 1. Shi Tingmao (CHN) 383.40; 2. He Zi (CHN) 369.65 3. Jennifer Abel (CAN) 364.05

Women’s 10m platform: 1. Huang Xiaohui (CHN) 373.60; 2. Liu Huixia (CHN) 354.35; 3. Melissa Wu (AUS) 349.50

Women’s 3m springboard synchro: 1. Shi Tingmao/Wu Minxia (CHN) 340.50; 2. Jennifer Abel/Pamela Ware (CAN) 318.33; 3. Maddison Keeney/Anabelle Smith (AUS) 310.14

Women’s 10m platform synchro: 1. Chen Ruolin/Liu Huixia (CHN) 357.66; 2. Mun Yee Leong/Jun Hoong Cheong (MAS) 336.66; 3. Meaghan Benfeito/Roseline Filion (CAN) 335.25

Team event (mixed): 1. Huang Xiaohui/Chen Aisen (CHN) 408.60; 2. Oleksandr Bondar/Yulia Prokopchuk (UKR) 390.55; 3. Nadezdha Bazhina/Victor Minibaev (RUS) 381.30


Source: FINA (; Editing by SportAsia

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