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Asian Tour: ‘Three on Three’ with Perera, Lin and Siddikur

Mithun Perera (left), Lin Wen-tang (middle) and Siddkur (right). Photos: Asian Tour.

Mithun Perera (left), Lin Wen-tang (middle) and Siddkur (right). Photos: Asian Tour.

Sri Lanka’s Mithun Perera, Lin Wen-tang of Taiwan and Siddikur of Bangladesh tackle a trio of questions in the latest chapter of ‘Three on Three’ with the stars of the Asian Tour.


1. If you could play only one more round of golf, where would it be and why?


Lin: Back in my amateur days and the early stage of my professional career, I’d always wanted to play at Augusta National. I’m glad I fulfilled my dream when I played there in 2009. I love the scenic views on the course and watching it on TV does not do justice to the beautiful scenery.


Perera: It would be the Delhi Golf Club in India. It’s a short and narrow course and it suits my game a lot.


Siddikur: I would love to play at St Andrews. I think it’s a good course and I would be really happy if I could play in a major tournament there in future.



2. How do you feel about your season so far and what else do you want to achieve?


Lin: I haven’t really set any target for myself this year. I’m pretty happy with my results so far, especially after winning the Solaire Open in the Philippines in April and another local event back home. I’m turning 40 next year, so winning at this age is a great confidence boost and I’m really very happy with it. The more tournaments you win, the higher the expectations you set for yourself, but I’ll try not to give myself too much pressure.


Perera: My season has been good so far. I finished second in Myanmar at the beginning of the season, which was a great start for me, and I’m currently 34th on the Asian Tour Order of Merit. As a rookie on Tour, I’m pretty satisfied with my performance so far. I just want to gain as much experience as I can in all the tournaments I play this year. I hope to win at least one event by the end of the season.


Siddikur: The first half of the season was not too bad for me, but it hasn’t been going well for me since the start of the second half. The same thing happened to me last year. I’m not disappointed, but I just want to find out what went wrong and then work on it. There are still a lot of tournaments to go. I hope to concentrate on my own game. I’ll be happy if I can regain my good form.



3. Looking ahead, what are your thoughts on the inaugural EurAsia Cup in Malaysia in March, when Asian Tour players will take on Europe?


Lin: It’s a very good opportunity for Asian Tour players. I have confidence that this event will be a success because it will boost the standard of golf in Asia. It will be a great honour if I can qualify and that will be one of my targets now.


I’ve played in the World Cup of Golf before and I really enjoyed playing in such events, especially when you get to beat the European players! I hope the Asian players will put up a good show at the event and bring Asian golf to a whole new level on the international stage.


Perera: It’s a good event for the Asian players to compete against the European Tour players and see where our standards are. Golf in Asia is getting better and better every day. It’s good to see such prestigious tournaments coming into Asia. I think everyone will be aiming to get into the Asian team and I’m no exception.


Siddikur: The EurAsia Cup is going to be exciting. It’s a great tournament to have as we hardly get this type of tournament in Asia. It is going to be great fun playing against the European Tour players. We’ve got really good players in Asia and the standard of golf in Asia has improved a lot over the years. I’m definitely hoping to be part of the Asian team and I’ll be really happy if I can get in.

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