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Industry: Asia Sponsorship News partners with Paul Poole in Thailand

Ben Heyhoe Flint, CEO of Asia Sponsorship News. Photo: Action Images / SportAsia.

Ben Heyhoe Flint, CEO of Asia Sponsorship News. Photo: Action Images / SportAsia.

September 1, 2014: Asia Sponsorship News (ASN), the branded content and sponsorship intelligence service, has partnered with Paul Poole (South East Asia) for the Thailand market.


ASN relaunched with a sophisticated Analytics product in March and has now begun to expand its business into local markets.


Ben Heyhoe Flint, CEO and founder of ASN, said: “The partnership with Paul and his agency allows us to deepen our research capabilities in Thailand, which means our customers get richer insights. We’re delighted that they share our vision of creating rigour for the industry.”


Paul Poole, Managing Director, Chairman and founder of Paul Poole (South East Asia), said: “Despite the turbulent times of late, Thailand is a fast-growth sponsorship market and has overtaken Singapore in the last quarter for domestic spend. We see a lot of potential for ASN in the local market where brands and rights holders need rigour to buy, sell or plan their Sponsorship activity more effectively.”


Since the end of 2013, the sponsorship market in Thailand has suffered the postponement of several major sponsorship platforms. Prior to that, sponsorship spend had rallied 43 per cent in 2013, according to ASN data.


Heyhoe Flint also confirmed that more partnerships are in the immediate pipeline for ASN in other Asian markets.


Source: Asia Sponsorship News (; Editing by SportAsia

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