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Industry: Cram leads Mass Participation Asia Conference in Singapore

The Sundown Marathon in Singapore is one of the region’s many growing mass-participation events.

The Sundown Marathon in Singapore is one of the region’s many growing mass-participation events.

October 16, 2015: Olympic silver medallist Steve Cram will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural Mass Participation Asia Conference, which will be held at the Conrad Centennial Hotel in Singapore from December 3-4. Tickets start from S$680.


The two-day conference, organised by event management company Spectrum Worldwide, will feature panel discussions, debates and presentations on the operational and commercial aspects of the fast-growing industry.


Cram will open up the session and bring with him his experience as a competitor and TV presenter, as well as an organiser of mass participation events in Europe.


Conference topics include the increasing importance of big data, content creation and social media, as well as designing the best course for an event, risk assessment and management, sponsorships and partnerships, IP protection and the use of public relations to drive engagement and manage crises.


Speakers include Chris Robb, CEO and Founder of Spectrum Worldwide, organiser of Cycle Asia; Greg Hooton, Vice President of IMG Events, organiser of The Color Run; Adrian Mok, Director of HiVelocity, organiser of the Sundown Marathon; and Sean Davidson, Head of Marketing and Communications of Tata Consultancy Services Asia Pacific. Shoto Zhu, Founder and CEO of Ocean Sports, will provide insights into the growth of the industry in China.


Robb said: “The growing success of the mass participation industry in Asia has been accompanied by a rising set of challenges. We believe this conference will give participants from all areas of the industry the opportunity to gain further insight and equip them with the knowledge necessary to combat these challenges. We also hope it will provide a platform to help facilitate collaboration and drive best practice across the industry.”


The conference also offers participants the chance to experience the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, also organised by Spectrum Worldwide, which will be held from December 5-6. Package deals are available for those keen on a behind-the-scenes look at the marathon after the conference.


Source: Mass Participation Asia (; Editing by SportAsia

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