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Industry: GlobalSportsJobs, WISE renew partnership for convention

GlobalSportsJobs has renewed its partnership with WISE's Careers in Sports Convention in Lausanne.

GlobalSportsJobs has renewed its partnership with WISE’s Careers in Sports Convention in Lausanne.

January 28, 2015: GlobalSportsJobs and WISE have renewed their strategic partnership for the second edition of the Work in Sports Exhibition, which will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, from May 6-7. The convention for career development in sports attracts around 1,000 participants and over 65 exhibitors.


As an official strategic partner, GlobalSportsJobs – a leading digital media and talent platform for the sports industry – will help develop this year’s conference programme and provide career intelligence to the WISE audience in cross-promotional activities prior to and during the convention.


Will Lloyd, CEO of GlobalSportsJobs, said: “GlobalSportsJobs shares many of the same values as WISE and we are extremely pleased to announce the renewed partnership following a very successful collaboration during the convention’s inaugural edition.


“Last year demonstrated the appetite for sport organisations and professionals to meet and discuss career management in sport business. We are highly enthusiastic about 2015 and the opportunities this partnership will bring for all those participating.”


Giancarlo Sergi, Director of WISE, said: “We are really delighted to partner up once again with such an established professional entity as GlobalSportsJobs. By collaborating with this talent platform, we will be able to widen the vision and services we would like to offer to the participants for the benefit of their sports career.”


GlobalSportsJobs has introduced a technology-driven solution to help sport organisations source talent and also publishes market insights.


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Source: GlobalSportsJobs (; Editing by SportAsia

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