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Running: Almost 7,000 enthusiasts tackle SEA Games routes

The 10km Nila Run on Sunday offered a modified route of the SEA Games triathlon course.

The 10km Nila Run on Sunday offered a modified route of the SEA Games triathlon course.

June 7, 2015: Almost 7,000 members of the community participated in this weekend’s Nila Swim & Aquathlon and Nila Run events, which offered participants the chance to experience the SEA Games from the athlete’s perspective.


Saturday’s Nila Swim & Aquathlon and Sunday’s 10km Nila Run offered swimming and running routes modified from the SEA Games Triathlon Course – a first in SEA Games history. The Nila Swim & Aquathlon attracted 800 participants, while 6,000 people participated in the Nila Run.


After watching the SEA Games athletes complete the marathon, the community also spent the weekend at the surrounding competition venues, including the Sports Hub.


Andrew Lio, 32, joined both the Nila Aquathlon and Nila Run. “My favourite moment was when I was running alongside a fellow participant I had just met and we encouraged each other to push on during the Nila Aquathlon, which really showed the spirit of sport,” Lio said. “I also managed to see the SEA Games triathletes go past on their bikes, which added to the excitement.”


Aileen Ho, 38, recently completed her 100th marathon, but was happy to join the much shorter Nila Run. “I was contemplating to join the Phuket Marathon or the Nila Run with my amateur running friends, and eventually decided to be part of the SEA Games in some way,.” Ho said.


“I am happy that I did the run, although we were drenched and cold. We decided to stay and watch, and I am glad I did, because we witnessed our marathon champion doing his home run.”


Source: SEA Games (; Editing by SportAsia

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