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Volleyball: Men’s World League expands from 18 to 28 teams for 2014

The FIVB World League Council confirmed a groundbreaking new format for the annual World League, which will expand from 18 to 28 teams from 2014: Photo: FIVB.

The FIVB World League Council confirmed a groundbreaking new format for the annual World League, which will expand from 18 to 28 teams from 2014: Photo: FIVB.

December 2, 2013: The FIVB World League will expand from 18 to 28 teams in 2014, the FIVB World League Council confirmed during its annual one-day meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Iran and East Asian trio Japan, Korea and China were among the 28 federations represented in the meeting, which outlined groundbreaking new plans for the FIVB’s premier annual men’s volleyball event, inaugurated in 1990.


Dr. Ary Graca, President of the FIVB, said: “This is an historic moment for the FIVB and the World League. This new direction is all about growing volleyball and providing opportunities for federations to play.


“It is very clear for me, the future is today and we are doing something different. This is the new era and I would like to congratulate the new countries who are involved, who now have an opportunity to play on the world stage.”


Pool A features World No. 1 and nine-time champions Brazil, eight-time winners Italy, 2012 champions Poland and rapidly improving Iran, one of Asia’s strongest teams. Defending champions Russia headline Pool B, which includes 2012 runners-up USA, Bulgaria and four-time runners up Serbia.


Pool C features first-time participants Belgium along with Canada, Australia and Finland, while Argentina, Germany, France and Japan are in Pool D. Pool E features the Netherlands, Korea, the Czech Republic – who made their only previous appearance in 2003 – and Portugal.


Cuba are joined in Pool F by World League debutants Tunisia, Turkey and Mexico. In Pool G, Puerto Rico return after a previous appearance in 2011, China and Spain are back after last appearing in 2010 and 2008 respectively, while Slovakia will make their debut.


During the Intercontinental Round, Pools A to E will play double home-and-away matches for a total of 12 matches per team. Pools F and G will feature two stand-alone tournaments per pool.


The World League Intercontinental Round will start on May 23-25 and conclude on July 16-20 with the Final Six, featuring the top two teams in both Pool A and Pool B, the hosts and the winner from the Final Four from Pools C, D and E.


Pools C, D and E will also have six rounds before their Final Four on the weekend of July 4-6. The Final Four for Pools F and G is expected to take place on June 27-29.


The last-ranked team of Pool A and B after the Intercontinental Round could be relegated if the winner of the Final Four of Pools C, D and E can meet the promotion requirements set by the FIVB.


This year the World League featured 18 teams for the first time, having had 16 teams from 2001-2003 and 2006-2012. The World League featured eight teams in its inaugural year in 1990, 10 in 1991 and then 12 from 1992-2000 and 2004-05.


2014 FIVB World League – Pools

Pool A: BRA (1), ITA (3), POL (5), IRI (12)

Pool B: RUS (2), USA (4), BUL (6), SRB (9)

Pool C: BEL (37)*, CAN (11), AUS (14), FIN (30)

Pool D: ARG (7), GER (10), FRA (16), JPN (17)

Pool E: NED (31), KOR (21), POR (38), CZE (22)

Pool F: TUN (13)*, TUR (45)*, CUB (7), MEX (22)*

Pool G: PUR (20), CHN (18), SVK (36)*, ESP (25),

Note: Numbers in brackets denote world ranking

* First time in World League 


2014 FIVB World League – Schedule

May 23-25:     Round 1 (C, D & E)

May 30-Jun 1:            Round 1 (A & B); Round 2 (C, D & E)

Jun 6-8:           Round 2 (A & B); Round 3 (C, D & E); Four-team tournament* (F & G)

Jun 13-15:       Round 3 (A & B); Round 4 (C, D & E); Four-team tournament* (F & G)

Jun 20-22:       Round 4 (A & B); Round 5 (C, D & E)

Jun 27-29:       Round 4 (A & B); Round 5 (C, D & E); Final Four* (F & G)

Jul 4-6:            Round 5 (A & B); Final Four (C, D & E)

Jul 16-20:        Final Six



Source: FIVB

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